Slate Hit

Simon Lake on The Madness, E1 Vivian Quarry

I spent the mornign rework the first part of one of the last chapter in my book and found some great stuff to add to it. However the weather was improving so I decided to head out onto the slate with Simon Lake and Owen Samuel. We decided on Vivian as it was shelter and would get any of the sun for as long as possible.

We were rewarded and managed three routes. The Madness a runout E1 as a warm up, Ritter Sport as the main event and then One Step Beyond which I had forgotten that I was on the first ascent of with Mike Raine. a great day out.

Owen Samuels on Ritter SportOwen Samuels on Ritter Sport, E3 5c Vivian Quarry.
Owen Samuels on Ritter Sport, E3 5c Vivian Quarry.

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