Another Slate Day

I headed out today with Si for a quick Slate hit. I could only really take half a day, as my book doesn’t seem to be able to write itself. So we decided to head to teh Railtrack Slab, an area which a few years ago I was involved with the re-equipping of. After that others have come along and filled in some of the blank places.

So today we climbed, The Fat Controller F6a, Scarface Claw F6a+ and Between Here to Stay and Gone Tomorrow E5 5c. After that I attempted Psychodelicate an E5 6c, it had a bit of a gripper clipper, and then a very hard move that I failed on, so I backed off. Although I think I know what to do, as essentially is a bit of a dyno to a sidepull off a razor edge for a foot hold.

We then finished on Crazy Train a great F6b+. After that I had to come back to do some work on teh computor before I head to the wall later to meet up with one of my evneing coaching groups. I’ll put some pictures up on Snowdonia Mountain Guides facebook page.

A great day, although a little cold and now my tips are sore. Not bad for a three hour session.

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