Sea Cliff Climbing Weekend

I have offered a sea cliff climbing course for some time, and I regularly take my clients to sea cliffs on other course. This was perhaps one of the first dedicated courses to Sea Cliffs that I ran, and what a course. Despite an awful forecast for Saturday we headed out praying that the weatherman was wrong, and yet again he was as Castell helen which was a little damp from the overnight rain turned out to be a lovely sunny day with a good swell by the end to add to the atmosphere.

Valdek and I climbed Light House Arete, Rap, something around the Blanco area and the first pitch of Atlantis and the last pitch of Rap again. Interspresed with some coffee at the south stack cafe.

With a better forecast for Sunday I lead Valdek across the amazing adventure that is Dream of White Horse, with a last pitch that was a little damp. We were there early and beat the crowds by a couple of pitches, although it was typical gridlock on the slab as teams climbed loads of routes from Dream.., Concrete Chimney, Dde and Wen.

After that we headed down and climbed Britomartis another classic Gogarth route, steep but littered with Jugs, I managed to get Valdek pumped. Whilst there a couple were climbing Toiler on the Sea a great rising traverse line that makes its way across the lip of the arch. That route looks very cool. It is now on my list for the next 100 routes to climb at Gogarth. There was also about 4 teams on North Stack Wall and I could just see a team in Easter Island Gully. A great day on the island and a busy one at the Big G!

We didn’t have enough time to do another route so headed back to Mont Cappucino. I think Valdek enjoyed the 30th birthday present his girlfriend and brought for him.

If you’d like to find out more about my Sea Cliff Climbing Courses in North Wales and elsewhere, then visit the link. I am running a coupel fo Sports Climbign Weekends in Portland in the October half term and a Sport/Trad week on the swanage sea cliff during the week.

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