A Cool bit of code

I have been trying to right a small bit of code that basically creates a list of all the post made in the last 24 hours from a list of around 100 blogs. This will hopefully feature as part of iCoach climbing very soon, but I am trialling it on my Snowdonia Mountain Guides webite. My last post was a test to see if it was working right.

It seems to be updating OK, although I think I have some problems in my code for deleting the post that are older than 24 hours. The code runs every hour so will be up-to-date and as close to real time as being at the crag. At present I am stripping all HTML (images, videos, etc… from the code) and only taking the first 100 words. If you like it is a portal to lead you onto other sites where the latests news is being written often by the first ascentionist and climbers involved. The code is expandible and if you have a blog that you think is really important and should be included I am very interested toadd it to the list of online rss and atom feeds the code visits on an hourly basis.

Very keen to here peoples thoughts on this small program. I obvious need to work on the presentation side a bit, but other than that I think it works really well. Anyway time to code up some more iCoach Climbing features

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