Tech, Tech and More Tech!!!

Having worked for 12 days in a row, and being paid well for my efforts has had two major effects. Firstly I was so knackered that i did very little for the next two days, and today it has rained sooo hard I have been concerned that the windows might cave in under the deluge.

It also meant for the first time in a long time there was an ‘excess’ of funds in my bank and true to form it was burning a hole in my pocket, so yesterday went out and brought Apple TV and an iPad. So now I am rocking nearly the full compliment of Apple products. They are both of use to my work as well.

First I have been working on a iBook on the Coaching Process for Climber’s, this has been specifically design for use on the iPad and it is great to get a hands on experience as how it works on the platform. The Apple TV also turns my TV into a second monitor wirelessly when the new os X mountain lion comes out next month.

More importantly for my housemate, she can now watch Deadender’s on iPlayer through the Apple TV by mirroring my ipads display. I also watched the first Alien film yesterday, which made me appreciate Prometheus more. Although I have heard calls that it is not an Alien prequel, having watch Alien, I can’t say I agree, as it is definitely a prequel. Albeit the technology in Prometheus is more a vision of where todays technology might go. Whereas the Alien film made in 1979, shows how they used computors back then to make the set look futuristic.

Anyway I have a work to do, and need to get ready for a few more days out on the hill this weekend.

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