Mountain Leader Assessing

Sunset in Llanberis Pass

Had a pleasant week, spent most of it working on the computor producing various new features for the icoach website. Although a few fails along the way, but everyday is a school day for me with PHP. Also a day spent looking at some ways to add to the functionality of the whole thing.

I spent thursday running around getting food prepped for a ML assessment expedition. As well as planning a route that took in the ground we needed to cover. I did managed to squeeze in a nights climbing up the Sunchaser Wall in Vivian Quarry.

Friday saw me and three candidates start up from Llanberis Pass before traversing Lliwedd to camp in Cwn Tregellan. We then did arounf 4 hours night nav before heading down to teh south ridge and up across Snowdon Summit, before heading to Carnedd Ugain and down into Cwm Glas.

We headed back out at 7pm for some more day nav before hanging out to watch the sunset, before embarking on a second night nav exercise to find our tents. The group did really well. We had some good navving conditions (poor vis) on the second day. The group managed really well, and it was good to see them all pass their assessment.

I was working for Peak Mountain Training, so thanks for them for having me assess. As hard as they are for the candidates they are also reasonably hard for the assessors. However we were rewards by a beautiful sunset and some remote areas. I joked to my team that I no longer wild camp for fun, as I often get the chance to do it whilst either training or assessing people on there ML qualifications.

Not to sure if its an early night for me or whether I shall celebrate my friday night tonight!

View from my tent on the last morning. What a glorious morning to wake up in the mountainss
Cryn Las in the morning sun. Can you see the Skull? There are two in the photo to be honest!

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