Ice Factor: One Big Freezer

Well, today we had booked into the Ice Factor with The Conway Centre and Llandrillo College so took the group for their first Ice Climb in the massive freezer there. Really good, the group loved it, and I had a swing of axes as well, although mostly hooking on well used placements. It reminded me of doing an ice route in Cwm Idwal after a busy weekend!

Spent some time introducing foot work, and swinging and axe at low level, before moving onto top roping. Trying to get some of the group to not try and bury their axes(well actually my axes) to the hilt, and to try and look twice before moving an axe or a kicking there next step. By the end most of them had got much better, and they were all well and truly pumped.

Anyway off to the central area, and Crearg Meagaidh tomorrow, ot see what we can see.


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