Glencoe and The White Corries Today

Managed to beat the wind and rain, and slogged up to the white corries today. The chaitlift was closed, so after the first hour of pain, we reach some snow, and then headed a little higher to do some walking with and axe kicking steps. After that we worked on the groups ice axe arrest and we all got truly soaked, a definite ‘Too the Underpants’ day.

The group did really well, as they are all just youngish students from Llandrillo College, who are up for four days with The Conway Centre. I have been lucky enough for the Conway Centre to let me come up and have a group to teach as a volunterr, as I need days to register on my MIC, although looking at the forecast, and conditions I think it will have to wait until next year now.

The conditons were sub-optimal in terms of conditions, and I really feel for the White Corries and other ski areas in Scotland, as there is a real lack of snow compared to last season, that with the economic down turn can only be compounding the lack of conditions fit for skiing.

It is due to get colder on thursday, but it has been plus ten at 1000 metres for most of the week, with driving rain, the white stuff is disappearing rapidally. Although there was enough for our needs and we even managed to get some cramponing in, although strictly we probably didn’t need to, although it was really good to get them to put them on with their gloves on and get used to walking in them, just incase we managed to find some more snow.

We are planning on heading to the Ice Factor tomorrow, to introduce the team to some Ice Climbing. I have to say, it seems these guys are on an awesome course. If only we had this when I was a younger, although probably would have never gone to university!

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