Blue Ice Release New Sack

New Sexy Rucsac from Blue Ice.

About 8 months ago I approached Blue Ice to see if they would supply me with a bag for my work. They kindly sent me over the Blue Ice 45l rucsac, which I have used and abused for the last 8 months on the hill working and out on the crags playing.

It has been dragged and thrown around the sharp edges of the slate quarries, squeezed up chimneys scrambling, sat on, kicked, scrapped and occassionaly used for what it was designed for. Despite being lightweight the material has stood up to all I could throw up it.

What is really good is that Blue Ice seem to have found a UK importer in Beyond Hope, if you like there facebook page there is talk of prizes as well. Anyway more importantly is I see that there has been a new rucsac design in the minimalist design from Blue Ice. Looks really sexy, and might make a great Christmas present for someone. (See picture at the top!).

I also like the look of the double mono for big multipitch routes, as it is a rucsac come bandolier.

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