Some Funny US based Rescues

I have seen a few reports out in the US about various rescues that have happened recently, the wonders of twitter. First up is a man who having been inspire by 127 Hours the epic film about Aron Ralston misadventure being trapped by his arm in a canyon, decided to head out into the same remote area of Utah.

The man fell and dislocated his shoulder, and after five minutes managed to relocate his shoulder before he got up to walk on only to find his ankle was broken. He then crawl for four days until he was rescued. The irony is of course that Aron told no one where he was going, so was pretty much on his own. Despite being inspired by the same story Wayne Richards had told no one where he was going either.

There are also two reports from the hip university town of Boulder, Colorado. Two groups of students on the same night in different areas requires a rescue after there drug taking went wrong. One was found with cuts’ and bruises 100yards from a track, and admitted to take LSD. The others were found at the top of the descent gully to the 1st and 2nd Flat Iron’s, having freaked out after consuming too much Marijuana.

Anyway, just thought I’d share these stories, the first one I think is very funny!

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