How to Big Wall Article

Well I have had a busy day, as I have been doing more data entry to the master computer for the app. Very close to finished now, doing those little bits of tidying up that take so long. I did some of this in the Heights, which has been my ‘go to place’ for the inter-web, although tried to stay off the beer during the daylight hours.

I nipped into V12 and saw my article that is in Climber this month on ‘How to Big Wall Climb’. Look out for it and part two next month. If you are inspired and want to come on a ‘How to Big Wall Course’, then you can book them through my coaching site here. Really excited to see the finished product, always looks better than a PDF.

I also made it ot the wall this afternoon for a load of routes. Strange for me to be tying on indoors, my hands are sore from hanging onto so many jugs. Although I needed to give my fingers a rest after a systems board session last night.

Bring on the weekend, more app work and maybe some indoor action, the weather looks foul, not looking forward three days camping on the Hill assessing on a ML next week.

Coaching Climbing Workshops in North Wales

I have develop four coaching workshops that I am going to be delivering in the next two months. These course are primarily aimed at instructors and trainee’s who want to further understand the coaching of climbing. They are shortly to make it to the CPD events list for the MLTA, and should count towards the now compulsory CPD for membership to the MLTA and possibly AMI (although I am not a member of AMI).

The courses are as follows

Although these courses are being run in North Wales, I am very keen to deliver them at any climbing wall across the UK, if there is sufficient interest. So if you are involved in a climbing wall as an instructor or manager, and would like a course or courses run in your area, then please get in contact with me here, so we can try and arrange a course.

Work and a little play

Well, I spent the weekend working on a ML training for Andy Newton, we did the mountain day and ML ropework. A great weekend of bi-polar weather. I was soaked to my skin on the Saturday, and we had a nice day in the sun on the Sunday.

On the friday, I headed back out on the slate, and Me, Llion and Katie climbed one of Ian Lloyd-Jones new routes in Twll Mawr. We climbed the left hand groove one. It was a grwat F6c, multipitched route. We did it in the evening forgetting that the nights are drawing in so Llion had to link the last two pitches to get one of us to the top before darkness fell. Although by the time Katie and I were climbing it was dark in the hole.

This is an awesome route, the first pitch was the crux, it spat me off, so pushed for time I just pulled straight back on. Katie did the same on the second pitch that is probably around the same grade, and llion styled the top pitch.

A very atmospheric route for the slate, as there were several rockfalls as we climbed the route, one of which was impressively l