Work and a little play

Well, I spent the weekend working on a ML training for Andy Newton, we did the mountain day and ML ropework. A great weekend of bi-polar weather. I was soaked to my skin on the Saturday, and we had a nice day in the sun on the Sunday.

On the friday, I headed back out on the slate, and Me, Llion and Katie climbed one of Ian Lloyd-Jones new routes in Twll Mawr. We climbed the left hand groove one. It was a grwat F6c, multipitched route. We did it in the evening forgetting that the nights are drawing in so Llion had to link the last two pitches to get one of us to the top before darkness fell. Although by the time Katie and I were climbing it was dark in the hole.

This is an awesome route, the first pitch was the crux, it spat me off, so pushed for time I just pulled straight back on. Katie did the same on the second pitch that is probably around the same grade, and llion styled the top pitch.

A very atmospheric route for the slate, as there were several rockfalls as we climbed the route, one of which was impressively l

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