Happy Days, Simon above the hard climbing on Heading the Shot - E5 6b

I spent the last couple of days up around the Never Never Land area, ticking a few easy and not so easy routes. Yesterday I was easy stuff, and I did a route that has to be the biggest waste of Stainless Steel since they started make trendy fridges out of the stuff.

We started up 362 a great route, and then did a route opposite the upper tier of Never Never Land, its so bad I don’t even want to know its name. Today was different as I went out with Simon and we had a quick run up a few classics. I started up Kubla Khan E4 6b, not a good way to warm up, but it blew away a few cobwebs, and I got close to total frustration trying to lasso the spike at the top. A cowboy I am not!

Then Simon nipped up Short Stories E4 6a, I forgot how awesome this route is. After that we went to Seamstress slab and I did Slug Club Special E4 6a with the spike clipped from seamstress, I dropped the ropes for simon and he did it more how intended with a runout to teh first spike.

After that Simon did Heading the Shot E5 6b, and I took some photos, and then a guy called Tom who’s on the BSc Sport Science with Outdoor Activities at Bangor, top-roped and then lead it. I then amusingly tried the Medium a F8a slab!

A great day out.

Simon Eyes up one of teh resting jugs on Heading the Shot
Tom press out a reach to a jug on Heading the Shot - E5 6b
Tom eyes up the jug at the end of the crux sequence passing the third bolt on Heading the Shot - E5 6b

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