Final day “waterfall” climbing

Well it was a horrorshow at tremadog today, it started wet and got wetter. My two guys did really well under the condition, and I am still basically damp, and probably will be until tomorrow. We climbed Boo Boo and the first pitch of Obleron both had a steady stream coming down them, both were exposed to a cold and wet wind.

It was in the words of Peter Kay, that fine rain that soaks you through, as basically a never ending wall of murky drissle collided with the cliff turning it to vertical teflon, with some post-modern water features. The type of thing the Tate modern would just eat up!

Anyway that was my last day, and it is a shame to finish now, although looking at the weather that lays ahaead for the week. Maybe its better that I am safe and at home in the dry!

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