A Party Policitical Broadcast for the ….

…labour party. Mainly because so far that is all that has been bothered to call round the house whilst I have been in. Inparticular, it was Alun Pugh who knocked on my door. So I hit him with a few questions.

What has he done for Mountaineers?

Apparently he was involved in getting the Snowdonia Muntain forecast published for free, he also helped fund the North Wales Outdoor Partnership that helps local kids become involved in outdoor pursuits, he is also keen to develop strong links with the BMC, because he is a mountaineer. Although he did admit to falling off central trinity seconding, which is like falling of a staircase, but at least he actually gets out there.

What would you do for Mountain Rescue, specifically the funding?

Here is was a little cagey, although he did know the arguments of many Mountain rescue personnel not wanting to be paid, instead remain a voluntary organisation. He did however seem like he would be interested in finding some money from somewhere to help with the on going running costs. Although he was door to door canvasing at the time, so being the cynic that I am I guess he could say just about anything.

On a general note though it would be interesting to see which party might be best to ‘get into bed with’, as regards to mountaineering and rock climbing (maybe an article for UKC jack?). I should have asked him what he thought about the Mine’s and Quarries Act!

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