The Infamous Book

If I had a pound everytime someone asked how my book was going, or the Slate Guide for that matter, I’d have enough money to buy….. well a pint or two that’s for sure! My answer has always been somewhat cagey, as I really didn’t know when it was going to come out.

However a recent flurry of emails, additions, edits and phone calls later and I have been told that it will be released sometime in August this year. I spent today writing another short additional section on double rope techniques, as well as sort through photos.

A trip to the publishers and the final draft is looking totally amazing, its quite surreal thinking that my images, diagrams and words have been transformed by the publisher and designer into what it is. Nearly three years of work are coming to an end, and I can’t tell you how much relief actually being able to see the finishing line means to me.

The publishers website has the info up, and is starting to send out the pre-launch information to get shops interested in stocking, and Cordee the distributor ready to help push the new product.

You can read all about it here. I will update you as an when I get more information.

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