Mark’s Mountain Flapjack

Well a rest day meant I had time to explore cooking some flapjack. I had been give a basic recipe, but decided to spice it up a little. The rough recipe was

Bring to the Boil – 250g Butter (about one block, save some for greasing the baking tin), 250g Brown Sugar, 300g Treacle, 50g Black Treacle, 4tsp cocoa powder.

Add 150g of dessicated coconut, and 500g of oats, and mix well.

Put in a well greased non-stick tin and cook for 20 to 30 minutes at Gas Mk 4.

Allow to cool, and then do battle with the tin, to get the lovely chocolate and coconut flapjack out. (It might be better to use some grease proof paper, but its not something that I have usually!). Once out, cut up and try not to eat all of it before you head out into the mountains. You will also need a panel beater to re-shape the baking tray!

Anyway looking forward to using my bespoke hill food this weekend.

If you have any recipes for me, I am super keen on my cooking at the moment, off to cook a nice curry now for tea!

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