Get Well Soon

I heard yesterday that a colleague of mine and fellow freelancer had a serious fall whilst what sounds like soloing on Ben Nevis on Wednesday. Whilst i haven’t got the whole story (BBC) it sounds like he fell a considerable distance off the Ben.

It was really quite surreal as I was watching the news the night before I found out and saw a man been rushed from the Helicopter to the Ambulance in Fort William. The speed of the transfer had impressed me, and the sense of urgency in the teams eyes, made me think that the situation was serious. Little did I know it was someone I knew.

I wish him well, as i imagine he will need all his strength and determination to pull through such an ordeal. As it happened on the Ben, I suspect that some the people we both work with may well have been on the mountain and possibly on the scene when it happened, and my thoughts go out to them as well. Trauma is a hard thing to deal with and it has been a costly winter in Scotland so far.

I was turned down for a job last year because I lack winter qualifications, based on the back of this season, I am not sure I will be pursuing those winter awards despite what it means for my employability. In fact I am not sure I will ever go to Scotland in winter again, it just seems way to serious for me. Wales seems to have all I need, and somehow feels less serious.

If you read this I wish you a speedy recovery, and look forward to some tea and cakes back at the office one day.

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