The Wall

No not the climbing wall but the mythical beast that runners hit when they have expended all their energy, and still have to keep going. Well having had just a small bowl of porridge, coffee and some water for breakfast I managed to hit it after about 2hours 45 minutes on my long run. It wasn’t very pleasant as my whole body started to hurt, and my normal terrible running form turned into what can only be described as special needs running.

Whilst I had to revert to walking rather than running at the top of Cefn Ddu, I wasn’t too disappointed as I ran carrying my energy drinks, jelly babies and extra clothing, not to mention my poor breakfast. I am actually made up as I probably ran about 20 miles and managed it in three and a half hours. Which is looking very good to complete the course in under 5 hours.

My confidence to finish are high and I am looking forward to some shorter runs before the big day.

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