Old Man of Goodman street

Well after my run i have been a little slower around the house. In fact I have needed assistance to get up and down stairs today, it was like I inherited the legs of a arthritic 90 year old. Whilst they have eased up somewhat now, I have to say I thought I had done some serious damage. However I have put it down to stretching the ligament in my right knee because I ran on the camber on the right hand side of the road.

The strain seems to have relaxed slight now, so i am back with just really sore muscles, and aches all over my body. What I could do with is a nice massage, unfortunately of the two people I know who do massage both are currently miles away on holiday. So unless I find a young nubile woman in the next few hours then it looks like I will have to live with the aches.

I dread to think just how destroyed my body is going to be after the full 26 miles!

Anyway I am thinking of hitting all my facebook contacts and email contacts for sponsorship over the next few days. I apologise if you get spam!

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