Inspirational People

My world is full of people who inspire me, Llanberis seems to attract people who pursue a sport with a passion be it climbing, kayaking, canoeing (yes there is a difference) and even running. It goes without saying that some of the best Trad climber in the UK live here, however I work with some truly amazing paddlesport people from UK GB coaches through to adventures who are into long distance sea kayak adventures and more. However on UKC last night I was reminded of my local running heroes, Sarah and Iain R.

I have from time to time read their blog, which if your into running and specifically running through the mountains then you should really check it out. They also have set up a kind of mountain running guiding/coaching service. Taking the skills of the ML and Fell running and mixing them together for those that what to try their hand at Mountain Trail Running.

Last night at about 23.30 UK time Iain finish a 29 hour race, consider this for a moment, 29 hours of near continuous running, around Mont Blanc. Iain came in 53rd. To achieve this in under 30 hours is flabbergasting. Considering my goal this year is to run a marathon and finish it in around about 5+ hours, puts his efforts into perspective for me. My longest run to date is two hours, up and down Snowdon.

What kind of miles he puts in to train for these type of enduro evens is quite frankly beyond me. It is not just Iain, climbing legend Noel Craine did the Paddy Buckley round virtually every mountain in Snowdonia in a continuous 24 hour push. These guys aren’t necessary super human, but super determined and focus on achieving their ultimate goals.

Anyway, I just want to big up Iain and Sarah, because she was involved in a slightly short enduro challenge as well, I went to watch her talk at LLAMFF on trail running and it was inspirational in its own unique way. At the time I didn’t think it would be a world that inspired me, however since I have started training for the Snowdon Marathon I am more and more inspired by what people can put there bodies through. Whilst a marathon is nothing like Iain and Sarah’s challenges this weekend, it will be a test of my determination and focus. I hope I can find at least one tenth of their mental strength on my way round Snowdon in October.

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