The Giant Dust Bowl

Ever since we passed over the rocky mountains, all I can say I have seen is sandstone and dust. Some of it in Canyons, whilst some makes pretty tower. Some that we have climbed, essentially all there seems to be is dust from the rockies to the sierras. After climbing in Indian Creek our plan was to head to Zion via the Monument valley which would have been impressive if I hadn’t already seen about 2000 sandstone towers. Unfortunately the campsite was full in Zion so we made a dash to Vegas, where we have spent a night partying.

Lets just say that my rent won’t be paid next month, Llion’s kids won’t be heading to University in 18 years time, as he gambled the house on black and it came up red. The suite cost an undisclosed 4 figure some, and as for the party girls well that was my credit card maxed out.

I have to say that vegas is a funny place if you have never been you should, we got over half the price of the room back in tokens that we could redeem in the form of beer, food or gambling or gambling credits. Even better when your gambling they keep giving you more beer, so I have a rancid head today. The plan is to find the campsite and maybe a route to climb in the afternoon heat!

Sweet Suite1

Sweet Suite 2

Sweet Suite3

Rancid Toes




Monument Valley

Monument Valley

More dust and sandstone

Dust and sandstone

Dust and f all

More nothing

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