Indian Creek

Having been stormed off Castleton Tower, we headed down to Indian Creek for some jamming. Looking at the guide we were woefully ill equipped, only having 3 of each size cam. We climbed twin cracks 5.9 hand jamming that doesn’t need a million size 3 and 2&1/2. It was quite a wake up call (8.30am).

Not as bigger wake up as the 5.10b I lead, having to be sparing with the cams, and tactical with there placement. I shuffled my way up towards the lower off. It was an incredible route, unfortunately, we were definitely short of about 3 cam threes and 4 cam 2 &1/2 for routes like super crack of the desert and the incredible hand crack. It was also hot even in the shade, as I lost about half a stone in sweat on that single pitch.

We are head down through Monument Valley now, just stopped at a proper locals diner in Blanding. Which has a massive U-haul depot for all the people to leave and a storage depot to size of Llanberis. Who would want to store anything here?

Up to the shoulder in a hand crack. An Awesome fight ensued!

Twin Hand Crack 5.9.

A different type of Ancient Art.

Rainbow across the Creek.

A rare free campsite!!

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