Rock Boot Review: 5.10 VMile

Given that most reviews are done by people that have been given there kit i thought I would pass on my thoughts on the kit i have to buy with my hard earned cash. Given that i brought a new pair of Vmile by five ten just before i left on this holiday I thought I better give them a little review. I will endeavour to review some other kit I have used.

The VMile fitted me very well, i brought them comfy for big routes. Unfortunately my first pair lasted but one day, as the leather wasn’t cured right and was falling apart after a day at tremadog. Fortunate Joe Browns still had my size in stock, so replaced them. Anyway 73 pitches of US rock later and they are starting to fall apart again. To be fair to them I have jammed my feet into a lot of cracks, and it is only the velcro that has been effected, apart from that they seem a very good pair of boots.

I just hope they last another 73 pitches, although I think i might only get three weeks of climbing out of them, which for a pair of boots that cost £70 is just poor.

For fit and use they get 5/5 for durability 2/5

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