Swine Fever and other worries

Well, I have not been sleeping too well the last couple of nights but it is really to be expected given the experiences over the last couple of days. However in a off shoot from the normal nightmares, I found myself stuck in America with Llion, after the US government stopped all air travel to stop the global spread of Swine Fever.

My solution was to drive to the east cost and steal a yacht to sail back across the Atlantic. Which although rather a bizarre dream, is actually something that has been worrying me. It is typical that my first holiday in 4 years has the undertone of a global pandemic of swine fever. I heard the other day that we had stopped sending flights to Mexico, but that flights were still heading out of Mexico City the source of the super bug. Now I am no epidemiologist but if you want to stop the spread of a bug you stop people leaving the source of the outbreak, not let them flee spreading it globally!

I guess letting it play out seems the best option, as I phoned the Swine Fever information line this afternoon, to see what they advised re travelling to the US. All I got was crackling!! (Thanks to the UKCer who posted that one).

Anyway I am looking forward to my holiday, come swine fever, recession, hell or high water.

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