Rough Book Cover

Well it is all very exciting really getting the rough cover design to my book, as well as seeing advertised in an industry flyer that goes to shops who use Cordee as a book supplier, which is most outdoor shops in the UK. Pesda Press who originally concentrate on Kayaking and Canoeing are now well and truly breaking out in the Hill walking and climbing market as well. See as the man behind the company Franco Ferrero is not only an accomplished kayak coach, but also a Mountaineering Instructor with years of experience, it seems fitting that he has taken on a few books aimed at recreational climber and hillwalkers.

So not only is there the awesome two volume tomb of Scottish Rock by Gary latter out on the market, but recently Climbing Games by Paul Smith was released, Rocktrails a guide of the geology of Snowdonia, and now the Lake District as well, allowing walker to get to know how the ground on which we tread got there. Another book on the Nature of Snowdonia by Mike Raine is on its way as well.

Like an idiot or someone who is a glutton for punishment I am already thinking about maybe writting another book!

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