More Book work

Well I have been flat out all day with my book photos again, this time however I think I am down to the last few images. In that I now have the majority of the chapters finished, and those that aren’t have only a few images outstanding. So I am looking forward to next week, when hopefully I can hand it in and get it done and dusted.

I spent this evening watching TV, and saw a great advert for a botox type injection advertised on some random satellite channel. I made me think if you can advertise what is basically a botulism injection on the TV, what else can we start to advertise? Anthrax enemas, Facial Pox Packs, Therapeutic Plague bath crystals, just where will it all end.

I have the joys of a BMC National Council Meeting at 8.30am tomorrow morning followed by a coaching Q&A and eventually the BMC AGM. I will have to fill myself with caffine from dawn till dusk if I expect to stay awake throughout the day. I hope that the weather is kind to you all, and you can get some climbing in whilst I am trapped indoor talking the talk, rather than walking the walk.

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