Book Photos

I have to be honest, I thought it would never end, taking photos for my coaching book, and whilst the end hasn’t arrived I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have a week off next week, and I am determined to get the final images, before I go away on holiday. I am not too sure how it will feel putting to bed my this book. I have seen the cover and it really drove home that this was happening.

I just hope that it is out for christmas! I have a few thoughts for other books, as despite the long time to write and illustrate this book, the process has been a good one. Anyway I should get back to taking pictures and drawing diagrams, and entering the picture code into the word documents; and not waste time thinking of the next project or wasting even more time on this blog. Although it is addictive blog your life away.
I have gone from obsessively checking my emails every hour to obsessively checking how many hits my blog has had every hour! Anyway, as you can see the photos I am having to take are far from exciting, in fact I raised a few eyebrows stood out by vivian quarry taking pictures of my climbing equipment. I also hope the designer can jazz up my diagrams some!

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