New PB!

Well I have not been running that long but I manage to knock a few minutes off my lap of Llyn Padarn, the lake that Llanberis sits on the shores of. Perviously I had made it round in one go, which felt like a massive effort, however setting faster and faster times seems addictive, as you can constantly aim to improve, unlike climbing where improvements require an entire grade jump, something that isn’t always possible every time you hit the rock!

However whilst my 47 minutes round the lake is good for me, V12 Jim has been rumoured to knocking out a lap in 36 minutes, now I can see where I can take a minute or two off, but over ten minutes? Jim your a beast!

Anyway I got accosted by king of climbing runners Dr Craine, who has sign me up for some hill sprint training. I am not sure what it entails exactly, but I am thinking hills, heavy breathing, plenty of vomit and feeling close to death. When a friend was ask about hill sprint training the good Doctor simply said its horrendous! So I have that fun to come, I am sure to keep you informed about the whole experience.

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