Beggars can’t be chooser’s!

Now probably for the last 10 years or more I have survived on what can only be described as charitable donations to the Mark Reeves climbing lifestyle. Much of my time I have merely worked to live, not lived to work, as such much of my technical equipment and clothing have been acquired through friends who thought the garment so terrible that they no longer wanted it. I have for instance a bright orange down jacket that Jim Hughes donated, for a while I wore Leo Houlding’s Berghaus off casts, which was a fashion highlight of my life, as he renewed his wardrobe about twice a year, similarly, I have got old boots of other climbers, and a few years back I got a rack of DMM for making them a video.

Recently though I have had a couple of well very well received garments for the ‘Reeves Active collection’. In a way I see it as a form of recycling, in that rather than send it to a charity shop, you can instead give it to me and see the benefit I get from it! My latest addition was a very nice new pair of Mountain Equipment Ibex Pants donated by my housemate, as they were too small for him. Having been on the hill several times in these they are a great addition for mountaineers closet.

I also got a new fleecy jacket from the same source, whilst second hand, I have barely been out of it since. If Gorillas were blue then I would look like one! However they aren’t, but at least its kept me warm in one of the harshest winters for a few years. If that wasn’t warm enough I also got hold of a nice new Mountain Equipment Fitzroy Belay Jacket, now this is the stuff of champion’s not only warm, but the pockets are fleece lined. I mean you just don’t get that detail in most clothing. I swear if you put your hands in my pockets you’d get pocket envy, come to think of it I don’t want your dirty mitts in my pockets.

Anyway I can recommend the ME clothing, as real mountaineering kit for real mountaineers. Although saying that I am not sure I count as a ‘real’ mountaineer, as I could be bothered to go out in the winter conditions we just had. Too much like suffering!

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