Spice Up that Business Meeting

So today I was out with a guy who had to come to North Wales for a Business meeting. He drove up yesterday and did the meeting and work associated with last night. Creating in the process some well earned free time.

He thought ahead and hire me for a day to guide him around a few classic routes and belay him on a few pitches. All whilst his boss was content with the idea that he was slowly making his way back down to the office in London town.

I have had a few people who have done this, one who flew to a business meeting in London and arranged a couple of days ‘down time’ between meetings and came up to Wales where I guided him up Dream of White Horses.

Today we were in the Pass, the weather was scorch. We started on Direct route, where my client led the third hand traverse pitch. We then did Gardd to get a second rock type before ‘business emails’ were dispatch at lunchtime where we did a couple of boulder problems before head to Bella Lugosi Slab where he climbed Horse Latitudes and I climbed a very greasy Bella Lugusi Is Dead.

If you have a business meeting or maybe you’ve come up on holiday with family or friends who don’t climb and would like to grab a day on the best crags in North Wales then get in touch. Over on my Snowdonia Mountain Guides I offer guided rock climbing¬†or scrambling where we can focus on route you have dreamt of climbing but maybe never thought possible.

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