Twitter Milestone: Follow me….

I am trying to decide if I am sad or just ever so slightly egocentric, the thing is I am slowly approach a twitter milestone of 2000 follows. I say slowly because I gain about 1 follow a day on average, so I have 140 days till I reach the rollover. Although as I use it as a marketing tool, I also think it is fairly important to get the right balance between marketing, useful information and just a little part of my humour across in 140 characters.

It is fairly amazing that there are nearly 2000 people who want to follow me anyway, although given the expanse of social media there is a lot of noise and very little in the way of signal nowadays. Anyway thanks to the first 1860 followers it has been a pleasure doing the digital conversing thing with many of you over the years. I hope it can continue.

In terms of how I use twitter the marketing side is fairly fixed as I am simply giving people a link to one of my hopefully inspirational pictures everyday at about 5pm, which in turn leads you to my Snowdonia Mountain Guides website. It is all automated to pull just one image at random from a sizeable database. The rest is usually headlines and links to Facebook and this blog, which again auto populate.

I then try and engage people as and when they ask questions or most recently posted a picture of me looking exhausted as I slogged my way up to the summit of snowdon on my enchainment day yesterday. This is the bit I think is best about Twitter, the conversation with often people I have never met save for a tiny avatar/photo on their profile.

So if you’d like to know when the next blog post has been made, want daily inspiration or just want to read utter rubbish from me as I drivel on about climbing, surfing, mountains and other exciting pastime then it would be a privilege to have you follow me.

I have to admit I am useless at the whole #ff and #tt (follow friday and throwback thursday).

You can find me @verticallife 


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