Another Day and Another Year Older

So Yesterday I was 39, nothing special, I have almost given up counting. I am though as I will put it frequently, usually when I am about to be burnt off by a younger man or woman, nearly 40. Or as my friends who are younger than me put it, nearly past it!

So yesterday I went climbing in the Pass and did the awesome Spectre on the Crouchan and then went bouldering on the Cromlech boulders with a few friends. I took some beers so we enjoyed a social climb and a beer before heading to the Heights for more beer.

I woke up rather hungover today and managed to follow Si up The Plum, that direct start is nails and I fluffed the move and managed to bounce back to the floor on rope stretch! I then went up the easy start on the right. We then climbed a variation on Blinkers or something on Grim Wall before retiring feeling more ropey than when I started.

Anyway was a good couple of days and really looking forward to next year when I hit the big four O. I am trying to arrange what I have dubbed project over the hill and far away and the count down has started and there is less than 365 days.

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