Leo talk at the Galeri

I have to admit I hadn’t really remember that this was on, and slideshow’s aren’t something that I have gone to recently. Mainly as I am to tight to spend money on watching someone talk about something I’d rather be doing. A friend ask whether I was going and I said no, but thought to myself I should really make an effort. So I email Leo whom many years ago I used to climb a lot with, he is one of the many talented climbers I have belayed on some pretty hard routes in Wales.

To be honest it had been a long time since I saw or spoke to Leo, I don’t even know if he knew I had been unwell over the years, and probably one of the reason I lost touch with him. I allowed him and out by saying I wont be offended if he said no. He replied pretty promptly and said he would get us a ticket. So I manage to blag my way in to the theatre. Whilst I have known what Leo had been up to as I had chatted to Chris about various trips briefly at some point. It was Great to hear his stories.

I am not going To mention them here as it might spoil it for you, but Leo has started to transcend rock climbing and moved well in the world of adventurer. His slide show liberally interspersed with clips from Alastair lee amazing films is more than a little inspiring. Whilst I prefer the epic of the amazon I also saw the Antarctic expedition as possibly one of the most outrageous projects of my generation of climbers. I am looking forward to seeing the films at some point.

I cannot recommend highly enough going to see this talk if he is passing your way. For me it was a reminder of a life many years ago now. I first met Leo when he was 17, nearly twenty years ago and had been on quite a few adventures with him. He has since gone onto become one of the worlds foremost big wall climber.

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