Pass Esoteria

More fine weather and today we headed out to climb Black Spring on the right of the Dinas Mot. Mainly because it seems that the time is right for ticking all the routes that are normally wet. Unfortunately we were’t the only people. Two friends got on the same bus as us from Nant and they too wanted to climb black spring. There was also a team of 3 on it as we started walking up from the Cromlech Boulders.

We should have realised that it was going to be a long day when the leader on the 4a first pitch hadn’t moved in the time it took us to walk from the road to the crag. Then they decided to second separately and after giving them a further hour head start we then got held up for about an hour on each pitch.

We joke about Bamboo growing quicker, glaciers moving faster and some mammals producing offspring quicker than these were going top climb the route. Unfortunately both Llion and I had done every other route in the area so we toughed it out untiul I got on lead and lead through them, follow by Llion doing the same.

I hate being rude like that but we would have been benighted if we had waited for them. To give you an idea we descended Jam Boulder Gully via two abseils, walked to the base. Sat around chatted, walked to the road and got on the Bus and they were still on the same pitch as when we passed them.

So if we past you, sorry!

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