Caff climbs The Indian Face

James McHaffie on Indian Face
James McHaffie climbing the Indian Face on Cloggy.

If like me you were glued to the set to watch the Murray final you’ll know just how nail biting watching sport can be. Today I headed up to cloggy to climb, as the weather was so nice it seemed like the place to be.

I kind of half knew Caff had plans and I arrived at the base and Caff was quieter than normal. I shared a few hello’s with the rest of the team, but I could see Caff had other things on his mind. Racking up I headed off as I didn’t want to break his concentration. We went up Great Slab and ran into Paul Poole and Bryn Williams two local instructors enjoying the great weather. At the top of the first pitch I got a good view of Great Wall and spreadeagled across it making rapid progress was Caff.

We sat and watched as he edge higher like some peeping tom, stealing a glance at a forbidden fruit. I know enough about the history and route to know where the ‘ledge’ is and there caff arranges the last one can only assume joke pro. No sooner is it done and he is off again. Commiting quickly to a line of white dots, like a monsterous dot to dot. Each move another into ridiculously run out terrain. But each move gets him closer to the end of the difficulty.

Just like watching Murray there is an inner voice, urging him on. “Come on Caff, Come On!” Then like firework display it is over, and the cluster of climbers shuffles off to the next route. Move along nothing to see here! We carry on up Great Slab and down.

Can’t wait for tomorrow, to be back up there. I wonder if it will see another ascent anytime soon?

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