Cnicht and Orpheus

I decided to give my clients an easier day today, well physically anyway. Instead of scrambling we headed up and over Cnicht for a day focused more on navigation. They did really well and the weather was still awesome I am more sunburnt.

After work I had a go at Orpheus on Crag Ddu, a rather funny experience as part of teh description says climb the bold pocketed wall. Which is neither bold nor that pocketed. Which I proved by placing far too much gear and getting pumped and blowing the final move onto a slab. Although the CC guide had the topo finishing right of where the route should go and thats is my excuse for blowing the final move. Saying that the way I went over the final roof was very interesting. I was also not convinced of the the two 4c pitches above being 4c.

I then did something really stupid and took a tumble walking out of the crag and effectively cheese crated the sunburn on my legs! Ouch!


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