Success and Failure

I have had a few days off and tried to pack a lot in. So on my first day off I went out with Neil Gresham who had come back up from London to attempt the pass trilogy, after 5 hours trying Jerry’s roof and coming so close to linking it he eventually gave up. I also got close to doing Jerry’s from a stand up after about 3 hours I was worked, so will be back later to see if I can do the problem again, as I have not climbed it since I first did it!

The next day I head down the Lleyn with Llion, Caff and Neil. Caff repeated The Apprentice E7, and I thought I repeated a Pat Littlejohn route Fossil Fool. However my looking at the description for 30 seconds before leaving the house resulted in a new route. No name yet, but a nice E3 5b at Porth Ceriad.

Today I had to rest after a stint of work and a few days climbing. I had to shop, send some photos to Rock and Ice magazine, for an article by young Callum on the slate. I also had to do some more work on the rockfax guide as I have taken a bit more responsibility so I am trying to edit and add to what we have.

I also had to phone up my solicitor, as I am in the process of buying a house, which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I have to go back to work tomorrow to try and pay for the house.


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