Evening Sends

Since lobbing off Belldance, I have been back on the slate. I have had a couple of evenings around never neverland, one with Llion and one with the Evans. We did simialr things and managed to rack up ascents on Freshair Crack, Scheraerzade, Kubla Khan and Short Stories. On both days we got rained off. Thankfully just as someone finished seconding a route.

Yesterday I went up to Australia and Llion did Goose Creatures, then I did Looning the tube. We then headed down to Railtrack and did a new route on the left. It is a candidate for worst route on slate. Llion then lead Gerboa Racer, a rather scrappy E4. I then lead Mad on the Metro an E3/4 5c. The latter is a really fine route and whilst bold is never hard, so it might warrant E3. Think Off the Beaten Track with bigger runouts.

Today I was forced back inside to the beacon and did a few routes up to 6b, and then a some boullering up to V6. Not sure what to do tomorrow, but probably the wall again.

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