Feast and Famine

It has been a busy time the last few days, my feet barely seem to have hit the floor. Which is something the bank will like although working hard means there is very littel time left for playing. Although my elbow is still sore so looking forward to seeing the physio tomorrow after work.

So far I have been doing some setting up a GCSE hillwalking group before remotely supervising them on sunday. I was then in the climbing wall on Sunday teaching some young year 6’s, today I was helping staff a course for a single lad on a two to one staff ratio, I then went straight to see my editor to talk about chapter 7 to start finishing it off, then straight to the climbing wall to coach two young guys in climbing. A quick sleep and I am back into work tomorrow morning and then off to the physio to see if they can help with my elbow. Another half day thrusday and then my diary is clear again.

Talk about feast and famine, until last wednesday there was nothing in my diary, then back to back work. This is the way of the freelancers life, you have to take the rough with the smooth, make hay whilst the work shines and then try not to spend all the hard earned cash.

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