Snowdonia Mountain Guides Courses

Snowdonia Mountain Guides is a small business I run to try and make a living out of my life in the vertical. Snowdonia Mountain Guides offer a variety of instructional, coaching and guiding courses through Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. Whilst we specialise in teaching and coaching rock climbing to all levels and abilities we also offer courses in hillwalking, navigation, scrambling and winter mountain skills as well as a limited range of continuing professional development courses for rock climbing and mountain instructors.

Rock Climbing

We offer a complete variety fo rock climbing courses from beginners courses to advance lead climbin coaching. We also have a selection of skills courses from how to climb a big wall through to learning all the skills you might need should you have to rescue yourself or other climber from a accident. We also offer specific sports climbing courses and sea cliff climbing courses, as well as the amazing ‘How to Climb Harder Course‘ that is based on the lesson from Snowdonia Mountain Guides owner book of the same name.

Winter Mountain

We offer a variety of skills based courses that use the same advanced teaching techniques that all our courses run to help to quick develop robust winter skills like using crampons and ice axes to keep yourself safe. We offer these course both in Snowdonia North Wales and across Scotland to suit your needs.

CPD Courses

Call on 17 years experience as a rock climbing instructor and the theoritcal underpins of a masters level degree in Effective coaching, Sports Psychology and Performance physiology we offer a series of CPD workshops in coaching climbing and navigation. In aparticular we have effective coaching workshops, coaching climbing movements, Young Climber development workshops and mental skills workshops for climbing instructors and coaches. We also offer a part-time fast track instructor course and instructor mentoring programme.

TV & Film Location Safety and Scouting

We offer a variety of TV and Film location safety and scouting solutions. Having worked with the BBC, Lime Street Production (Hollyoaks) and many more smaller production compnaies to make both films and television programmes we know how to help you achieve the best results, in the quickest times and help you stay on budget.

Sorry for all my usual readers for this blatant advert, but I have to pay the bills somehow!


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