Do you own an Online Climbing Shop?

Just what the title says really. I am looking for a online climbing shop that stocks both sepcialist climbing equipment and coaching books. The reason is that I have been looking into ways to eventually help monetise my new website, and whilst I can very easily set up a amazon store and get a return from the sales, as a writer I am also aware that Amazon constantly undercuts most specialist shops because they demand better wholesale prices than anyone else.

What I would perfer to do is have a partnership with an existing shop who maintains a website. In effect giving you a shop froint that links between the online library on iCoach and the icoach/Your company store so I can add a buy this book or video now button, as well as have a dedicated online store which is essentially a duplicate of your stores eCommerce site.

I return I would of course like a percentage of the profit, of which I am very open to negotiation as I am aware that the margins are extremely tight, especially on print media. Whilst I am unsure of the exact way to impliment it, I think that if you use an existing eCommerce solution then mirroring that site onto my site should be too difficult and then I can link from products directly to the store, and set a new account that tracks the sales form the site.

Even if your not interested, but own a store I would be curious as to what you thought of the idea. My fall back plan is an amazon store, but I really don’t want to do that. Seeing as the site is in its infancy, the chances are that for at least two years only limited traffic will be generated.

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