First Drafts and a Quick Dervish Hit

Well, I have spent the last few days typing, as well as a rather bizzare book which has made it to the first draft stage (I don’t want to tell you what its about at the moment!). I have been working on a couple of eBooks, which are more in keeping with my coaching. One on The Coaching process, that looks at how we can effective teach someone a skill, as well as some other aspects of coaching like team and relationship building and reflective practice. This book is coming along nicely, and if I get a US Tax ID soon, it will be initially available for iPad users through the iBook’s store.

I have also been working on another small ebooklet on Avalanches, and spent the last couple of days working on some illustrations. I have a few other ideas for books, but have decided not to start writing them before these are finished. Although I have found writing two things at once has given me enough time away from the other projects to allow me to read them with a bit more objectivity.

There still isn’t much work on the instructing front, so this writing is at least keeping me busy. Although trying to make sure I only do it when the weather is poor. Today was just such a day with some right deluges of rain and hail. This evening the clouds parted and the slate seemed like an option, so I sent out messages to a few people and got a response.

So Liam and I headed up to the Dervish Slab, where after an initial shall we warm up, or shall we just get on it, the consensus was to man up. I headed up first, and it was the first time upit this year I think. Can’t really remember, anyway, it was about par for the course, not too hard and not too easy, which is a good place to be this early on in such a poor climbign season so far.

I abseilled off and stripped the route for Liam. He did really well, and it started lightly spitting as he reached the crux, by the overlap it was more persistent. Then  finally everything was wet, Liam put in an awesome performance to remain composed on the top crack, well more of a seam to be honest. He had to dry the large sloping ledges off with a chalk ball, so if you get on it and those holds look painted, it was Liam making them hangable.

Back in time to cook Lasagne. Sweet.

There are pictures on my twitter feed @verticallife, feel free to join me over there, as I do add some stuff on there thats not published here. I also have recently made a FaceBook page for Snowdonia Mountain Guides.

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