Route Setting at the Beacon

Well, I headed to the wall, last night and had a good session, managed to get through the crux again of the woodie traverse, but still no send. Still enjoying the process of working it, well I get one try a session then I am knackered, and then go onto do some stamina circuits on other problems.

Today, I headed back up there for some hang time. I spent about 5 hours hanging in my harness stripping five routes and setting two. It is always hard setting for comps, as the grades matter. As such I set a F6a+, maybe just a small plus think superscript +. I also set a F5b/c, I feel both are pleasant routes, which are sustained rather than too cruxy.

Anyway, I wish all the youngsters luck in the competition this week. I have to pack tomorrow for 6 days in Scotland. Not sure how long I am up there for, as I wanted to do my MIC training but it looks like there are no conditions left on the East coast, plus I have not got my registration back from the MLT yet.

Might have to head to the wall for one final session on the woodie before I head north!

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