Winter’s On It Way

Well, there is a reasonable dusting of snow higher up, with more forecast on the tops today and tomorrow. The freezing levels are set to stay low until Wednesday, when they will lift briefly, and then drop rapidally for the rest of the week.

What does this equal? Well there is potential for some winter condition for Hillwalking and possibly climbing at the end of the week and potentially over the weekend. If you are interested in a Winter Skills course then I have a lot of availability in the run up to Christmas, so if you fancy a last minute course, it is worth getting in contact and I can keep you up to date with the ground conditions, and if neccessary cancel the course at no cost to you.

Basically, I feel that the fickle conditions might stay or they might go, and charging you for a Winter Skills course when the winter has gone is just bad form. I am hanging out doing nothing other than computor work, and I am really keen to try and get some ‘proper’ work.

I have a couple of pages on my Website, one in Welsh Winter Skills, and the other Scottish Winter Skills. I have set a few dates for both, but if they don’t suit you do consider contact me direct, as I am reasonably flexible on dates, and in terms of Scotland, I am happy to travel to either the East, West or the great North West.

So if you want to learn some essential winter skills, why not book a last minute course.

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