Beta Tester required!

Well, I have manged to code together my little online app for profiling your climbing performance. The idea is that the process helps you identify 5 areas to focus your training on over the following four weeks, before coming back and re-scoring the profile to see if you have made any improvements.

You can then redo the profile from scratch, and start the process again. It is an adaption of how sports scientists try to focus athletes training over short cycles. It has been designed to be used with my book How to Climb Harder, as many of the lessons within that book correspond to the attributes.

If you enjoy climbing, and dabble in a bit of training and would like to help me out by testing the site for me. I can email you a link. All I ask is an email back saying how you found the site. There are various things I want to add to the site, to make it a better tool for training, but at the moment, it functions as a nice littel app.


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