Route Setting & Beaconeering

Despite my gammy elbow, I went to the wall today to do some route setting, or rather set one route, a very long and sustain traverse of the whole bouldering wall. I had to look after my elbow, by using mostly a power drill for setting, and fortunately someone had been kind enough to remove all the holds for me, so all I had to do was slap them on.

I hope it is well received, I managed to find most of the loose holds when I was checking it, as I was ejected off on several moves. It is probably like 6 F6a’s in a row, and feels like F6c maybe. Before the traverse has started and finished by the stairs down to the bouldering wall. I changed that, so you start by doing a load of vertical traversing, and finish via a crescendo of harder moves at the end of the cave.

I managed to get home for a couple of hours before heading back up to the wall for a bouldering session, elbow held out OK, got an orange I hadn’t done before ticked, as well as a few other Blacks. I also spent a few minutes ticking off the problems I have done on my aggregate sheet, as I hadn’t done so since the first week, which is probably why I was near the bottom of the leader-board!

Anyway, I am hoping the arm stays OK, as I tried a little harder than I probably should have. Its too easy to get over enthusiastic at the wall. I only have a slight strain quad from too wide a bridge to add to the list of wall related aches and pains.

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