Rope Rescue for PYB

Well after a few days work last week on an ML assessment I was up at the Brenin directing a Trouble Shooting Techniques COurse, that looks at the basics of self rescue, and avoiding common mistakes. As well as having to deliver this course, I also had to juggle this with local BMC area Chair and Journalist Tom Hutton, who was writing an article on the course.

I forgot that I have met Tom on a few occassions, although not at BMC meetings recently, as to be honest after representing Wales on the National Council I feel I need a few years off the politics of climbing, and concentrate on just climbing. The first time I met Tom was on South Gully a couple of winters ago, we were part of a very long queue. Tom was climbing with a friend of my little brother Rufus, who’d been in a band with him. Tom’s partner is Rufus brother, or some other family connection, so it was quite funny seeing how small the world is.

Anyway chumming aside, I hope that the course went well, and we managed to fill the group up with information, although by 3pm on Sunday we hit the full point. A good weekend, and some challenging work although having done my PDF of rope rescue skills recently, meant that at least I had a plan!

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