Bon Effort to Turner and Macleod

St John's Head - The Home of the Long Hope Route.

Just seen on andy’s blog that they were successful on the Long Hope route, hopefully with Dave’s F8b finish on suspect sandstone. I have to say I am looking forward to the film from Hot Aches already. The Pinnacle managed to get me psyche to try and climb a few of the classic winter routes on the Ben next year.

I have to say, having sailed past the long hope route only last week. I am not sure that any video, no matter how good could possibly get me psyche to climb it. Although Pete did try and tell me the E4 version is emmense!

Anyway. Andy Turner has a new website that James Thacker (PMT) has been working on with ruth. I recommend looking at it if you don’t know much about Andy, although you’d have to have your head stuck in the sand if you know nothing. He offered guiding and lecturing, so if you want to know how scary X10 is or want to know how to mix climb then he is definitely your man!

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