Birthday and Hangover

Well I celebrated my birthday at the weekend, i have to say that in recent years I have not been keen to really celebrate, as at 36 its just another year, and to be honest I may have been born on that day all those years ago but it seems not a major achievement, I have afterall managed to make through 35 other birthdays, which is a much bigger achievement. I also kind of went to Hoy as part of my birthday present to myself.

I had a nice time though, a lovely meal in the Heights Hotel, and I can confirm that the food is as good as it looks. Followed by what seemed like a never ending supply of beer. I had to switch to safety bottles of beer, as I simply could keep up. It ended in a drunken mess round a friends house, and I basically recovered from the hangover yesterday. Which included finishing off ‘Band of Brothers’ which is an excellent story, looking forward to starting ‘The Pacific’. Although I was quite bored by the evening so put some hours in writing the RockFax chapter I am doing.

I did more of the same today, and before the end of the week, I am pretty sure I will have the first draft ready to show the team. I hope they like there are a couple of sections that I have taken topo shots for, and all I can say is think landscape!


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